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Great Strides

Every May, Team Rosie's Roses walks to raise money for a cure for CF.

Please join us on Saturday May 16th as we walk to raise awareness of CF and help raise money for vital research.

Its a fun, family event and the walk only takes an hour (or even less)

 along the river in beautiful Mine Falls, Nashua.  

If you would like to walk or donate please follow the link below! 

Thanks a million to everyone who joined us at Great Strides on May 17th, so far we have raised over $8,000 this year!! All proceeds for Rosie's Roses glass, fund-raisers and all donations will continue to go to our team until the end of the year!


 Team Rosie's Roses first "Great Strides", May 2003, Southwicks Zoo, Mendon, Ma.


Team Rosies Roses, Nashua, May 2005 


 Great Strides 2006


Team Rosie's Roses, Rainy Great Strides, Nashua, NH 2007 



Team Rosie's Roses, 

Great Strides, Nashua, May 2008 



Team Rosies Roses, Mine Falls, Nashua, May 2009


Rosie, Alex, Morgan and Hannah, Nashua, May 2010




Thanks everyone for joining us!!

Fun at Great Strides Nashua, May '11. And after a week of rain the sun made a welcome appearance!!